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New tire lasts longer, shortens brake distances

Tire buyers are looking for a safe, fuel-efficient tire, with long tread life and excellent value for the money.


Michelin has launched what it calls the greatest passenger car tire the company has ever made – the Defender – reported to keep drivers safer and save them money over a longer period of time.

“The Defender is the best standard passenger car tire we at Michelin have ever made, delivering tremendous quality and value to our consumers,” said Pete Selleck, chairman and president, Michelin North America. “We listened to the marketplace and realized that tire buyers are looking for a safe, fuel-efficient tire, with long tread life and excellent value for the money.”

In today’s tough economy, many drivers are keeping their cars longer and racking up more km on their vehicles before replacing them. Michelin claims the Defender tire will last up to 34,000 km longer than its leading competitor(the Continental Pro Contact ECO Plus Technology) – a figure that equates to roughly 1.5 additional years of service for the average driver.

Defender fits virtually every standard passenger car and minivan on the road today (covering 93% of the marketplace), ranging in size from 175/70R13 to a 225/55R18. It features Michelin’s IntelliSipe Technology, which the company claims provides superior stiffness for greater grip in the contact patch (which uses Michelin’s MaxTouchConstruction to distribute forces of acceleration, braking and cornering across the entire patch, for longer and more uniform wear), improved fuel efficiency, longer tread life and shorter braking distances (some 9.5 metres shorter than an identical car shod with Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Tourings).

Michelin says the tire maintains the same wet handling characteristics as previous generations and increases snow traction by 15%. Tires designated Green X provide greater fuel efficiency, which the company equates to savings of $250 in fuel over the life of four tires.

And Defender is backed by Michelin’s Promise Plan, which features a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and three year roadside assistance (to fix flats), and limited tread life warranty. Consumers are encouraged to check Michelin’s Tire Selector (


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