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Keri Potipcoe is an entrepreneur and new media journalist.

She writes a weekly column about car culture, called Keri on Driving, as well as daily news bits for

She likes cars, but loves to drive. She’s perfected the morning drive and interviews people in her front seat while driving around, and wishes more press cars came with manual transmissions.

She’s a purist, and will choose a feature-free car over a fully-loaded one every time because she feels more features mean there is more to break; plus, it clogs up the ergonomics. She’s big on proper hazard button placement, wants the engine to growl when she hits it, and wishes more press cars came in a manual transmission.

She’s been making videos online since 2007, and blogging since ’09, and all with a car theme always. You can sit down and watch her for nine hours; ha.

For three years she travelled around Canada, celebrating the best country in which to live, at It became the CBC’s inaugural-made-for-web-show, and went on to become an accredited journalist, covering the Vancouver 2010 Olympics for Sun Media.

The show concluded after 80 episodes in 2010, and she founded, a daily blog focused on cars, security (Smarten Up, Internet), and her life.

She speaks little both online and in real live, has a loud laugh, and loves playing pool, editing video and listening to classical music. And, she believes one should only buy a Rolls Royce as long as one also buys a driver to go along with it.

The best place to meet Keri in her sidebar, find her fastest on Twitter rarely Facebook, and email anytime. See you online!


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